I was given the assignment to ask my Higher Self, “Why am I here?”.  Here is the response I received:

I am not here to teach yoga. Yoga is just the spoon to deliver the medicine. I am a healer. My medicine is my wisdom, my words, my heart, my compassion, my ability to be a mirror to show you your own beauty, your own value and worth as a human being, as a spirit, as a child of God!

You weren’t brought here to live a life of pain and struggle and definitely not of servitude. You were brought here to shine your light, to be of service in your own Divine way! You were brought here to experience anger, sadness, loneliness, jealousy, AND happiness, excitement, joy, chaos, and turmoil, as well as peace and calm.

The more open we are to the shadow side of our emotions, the more we are able to experience their opposites. We are here to experience a WHOLE RANGE of human emotions, because, well, we are human! That is the beauty of having a human experience. The ability to triumph over tragedy, to mend a broken heart and learn to love again, and again, and AGAIN! To have the ability to break ourselves down, to lose or release everything we believe to be important until all we have left, shining there in the darkness is our pure, true essence. Our light. Our beauty. Our insignificance and our magnificence. Our ability to pick ourselves back up, put ourselves back together again, dust ourselves off and say, okay, I’m still here. I’ve been hurt. My heart has been broken. But I’m still here. I’m still here!!

To be able to sink to the depths, to rise up again, GRATEFUL to have had the opportunity to have loved someone or some-thing, some cause SO much that losing him, her, or it could cause us such sorrow. That is a beautiful thing! It is the beauty of the human experience. Nobody said it would be easy, but if everything were easy, there would be no growth. And THAT is why I’m here. That is my medicine. To show beauty in tragedy, gratitude in loss. To show that it is possible to suffer and not only survive, but to thrive. I have been through it all (well, a LOT of it), and though challenges and losses continue, I remain open to the lessons and guidance each has to offer and have hunted and gathered lots of tools to help me through them. That is why I am here! To share my journey with you, so you can do the same.