1:1 Coaching

The Soul Shed

The Soul Shed Sacred Serving System

  1. Ground and Breathe

After welcoming you to the space, we will take a few moments to connect to our breath and ground ourselves so we can both receive the most from our connection. We will begin by setting intentions for your session. 

  1. Connect with Compassion 

You can expect that I will always listen deeply and with compassion and genuine interest regarding anything you choose to share, whether it be physical and/or emotional challenges that you feel are relevant to your healing. Depending on the type of session you are experiencing, I may ask about allergies, health, and home and work environment, and you will be encouraged to ask questions as well. As I care deeply about your well-being, you will always be treated with kindness and compassion in a safe, sacred, judgment free space. 

  1. Get Physically Comfortable

I will see to your comfort by reminding you in advance how to prepare for our sessions. For Raindrops & Reposes virtual sessions, I will guide you in how to be as comfortable as possible by creating a sacred home space for yourself where you will be undisturbed and can relax fully into the experience.  

  1. Sink into Your Physical Oasis Experience 

During your virtual Raindrops & Reposes sessions, together with your deep breaths and my gentle, nurturing voice, I’ll guide you and the other participants into a state of pure relaxation and bliss as the outside world melts away. You will experience a feeling of pure peace that radiates from within. You will imagine yourself basking in the scent of essential oils wafting around you and being lovingly and skillfully applied to your face and limbs.

During your coaching sessions, we will begin by celebrate any shifts, big or small (Hint: They’re ALL big!!), that you experienced after your previous session. Then we will co-create steps to move forward with what you share that is needing attention in that moment. I will support you with practical, tangible tools – or “ohmwork” as I call it, to be able to create clarity, release and heal pent up emotions, and reduce overwhelm and anxiety for yourself, as well as accountability – loving, shame-free accountability – to stay committed to what it is that you are truly wanting to create for yourself.

You will text me your progress as you complete each of these assignments and together, step by step, we will build a consistent practice of using the tools I share with you. These tools will support you in greatly reducing overwhelm, confusion, anxiety, and increasing calm, clarity, and self-worth. 

  1. Get Spiritually Comfortable

I invite in all of our guides and angels and I may offer some words of wisdom and inspiration as they come through me from spirit.  You will be encouraged to set a silent or shared intention for our session based on these words or on what feels right for you in the moment. You focus on deep breaths and allow yourself to receive all that you are able on as deep a level as possible at that moment in time.

  1. Connect with the Divine 

Here you allow yourself to go deep within to access your own inner wisdom, your Higher Self, your Truth. I teach you simple ways to connect in to the wisdom of your heart. You begin to allow yourself to release all that no longer serves you and your highest good, or at least to be open to releasing it. We travel to that place where you know on a deep, deep level that you are valuable and worthy EXACTLY as you are, no matter what.

  1. Listen Deeply

We allow ourselves to be open to whatever wisdom chooses to come through us as we move through the process together. I will hold space for whatever you choose to share or not to share. There will be opportunities to practice anger release in a safe, shame – free way, if needed. I will remind you of your own inherent light and uniqueness and to be kind to yourself. I will use my carefully honed coaching skills and intuition to ask most appropriate questions to guide you inward to find the answers you seek (HINT: they’ve been there all along!). Together we will co create your next best steps. 

  1. Give Gratitude

I will offer my gratitude to you for the opportunity to serve you and for the gift of your presence. As I am your teacher, you also are mine. I encourage you to thank yourself for showing up for yourself as well, as I truly believe that taking good care of oneself makes the world a better place. The more kindness and compassion we can show to ourselves, the more kindness and compassion we can begin to have for others, and the more we will see reflected back at us in and from the world around us. We need to be the best example to the rest of the world of how we should be treated.

  1. Strengthen Self Care

Together we will explore what steps you can take to begin and continue good self-care. What does self-care mean to you? What do you feel comfortable committing to? What emotions do those words bring up for you? 

  1. Be Your Own Well

We’ll discuss what it means to fill yourself up and co create practices to do that which don’t involve doing something for someone else. We’ll look at what habits you can you let go of and what the underlying reasons and wounds are that are driving them. We’ll also explore how are they different from the self-care steps above.

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During this unique and POWERFUL process, we will get clear on:

  • what’s not working for you
  • the vision you have for yourself and your life
  • if the work that I do at Soul Shed is a good fit