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Creator of the Soul Shed Sacred Serving System

Debbie Young

Debbie Young

Founder and Owner of Soul Shed Wellness

Hey there. I’m Debbie Young, the Owner & Founder of Soul Shed Wellness. I’m a: 

  • Spiritual Coach & Healer  
  • Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist and
  • Registered Yoga teacher  

I work with men, women and teens around the globe who struggle with anxiety, overwhelm and perfectionism yet long to create a connection with themselves and Spirit and to feel calm, worthy and comfortable in their own skin.  

As a result of our work together, they feel relaxed and at peace with who they are and are empowered with practical, tangible tools to connect with their Source/Spirit on a daily basis and create consistent habits and rituals to handle any challenges that may arise and to support continued growth. 


The SHORT Story:    

After 23 years of living the “glamorous” life of a well-loved middle school Spanish teacher, I had a nervous breakthrough. I realized that: 

  • I was not making as much of an impact in the world as I wanted, and 
  • shielding myself from continued pain and loss with a concrete block around my heart did nothing except have me living a materially full, emotionally void, and comfortably numb life. 

So I took bold, courageous (and REALLY scary!) steps to break out of my self-imposed prison of numbness and of simply existing 

I left EVERYTHING behind to start from scratch: 

  • my teaching career and 6 figure salary & benefits
  • my beautiful, brand new home
  • my yoga studio
  • my husband of 20 years and
  • my family and
  • my lifelong home of Long Island, New York

With the powerful support and guidance of various teachers, I packed up my life experience, my compassion, and my deep faith, and finally stepped into the deep, transformational work of personal coaching that I’m doing now – work in which both my clients and I are thriving and healing deeply – both ourselves and all those around us.   

Now I live in Tarpon Springs, Florida, but I work both locally globally and I have lots of tools in my SHED to support you on YOUR journey. 

The FULL Story

If you want to know the real, DEEPER WHY of my work, of why I bare my SOUL & SHED my layers  CLICK HERE to read my full story, UNLOVED, AFRAID, UNWORTHY, & INVISIBLE. May you be inspired and compelled to do the same. 


I THOUGHT I was here to teach you yoga. It turns out that yoga was simply the spoon to deliver my medicine.


My medicine is my kindness and compassion, my vulnerability.


I bare my soul and shed my masks and layers to show you that you are not alone in this world.


I am here to be a mirror to show you your beauty where you see none, to show you your value and worth where you feel none or feel less than.


I am here to teach you to love and accept yourself, to remind you that you are valuable and worthy exactly as you are.


No matter what.



The Meaning Behind Soul Shed

Through her healing over the last decade, Debbie has "shed" her past and transformed from a victim into an empowered woman. She sees even the most painful experiences as opportunities for growth. Because she has been through SO much and is such a positive force, she is an inspiration to all, especially the thousands of Long Island children who graced her middle school classroom for 23 years.

She is a tiny but mighty light whose mission is to remind you and everyone how amazing, worthy and valuable you are, NO MATTER WHAT. She is thankful for her past, as it was the fuel that led her to create Soul Shed Wellness - a safe, judgment-free place filled with tools for transformation.

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