Private Coaching

Our transformative Coaching programs reduce anxiety, overwhelm, feelings of unworthiness and stuckness. 

Our cozy in person and online space provides a safe environment for deep transformation and healing of body, mind, and spirit.

Sinking into Stillness

Journey inward to a place of calm, grounded BLISS.

Once a month, whether you attend in person (Tarpon Springs, Florida) or online,

– Debbie will guide you into a deep state of peace and relaxation in a beautiful setting in nature using her calming tone of voice.

-She will gently massage the purest of essential oils along your forehead, temples and earlobes(if you attend in person).

-You may connect with and receive a message from your personal guides along the way.

-You will emerge from this experience feeling deeply restedgrounded, peaceful and lighter.

We strongly believe in the power of essential oils.

At Soul Shed Wellness we incorporate them into every one of our programs and sessions.

They enhance your practice while creating a peaceful environment to be your  authentic self.

Raindrop Technique / Bodywork

During your private Raindrop Technique Session: 


-I will begin by by guiding you into a DEEP state of relaxation with my voice, breath and intention.

 -Next I’ll balance your structural and electrical systems (bones and nervous system) by performing Vitaflex (Vitality through the reflexes) on your feet with 9 different essential oils.


-Then I’ll apply the same 9 oils along the spine and back using the various Raindrop strokes and techniques.


-You will enjoy a warm compress along the spine to both deepen and amplify the effects of the technique and oils for a more profound experience.


-You will leave feeling completely relaxed and at peace.


It’s a truly blissful experience!




 Our mission is to:

– provide a safe and supportive space that is free of judgement.

– remind you that you are loved and worthy exactly as you are.

– provide powerful tools for both inner and outer transformation.

– help you clarify and create a sustainable and supportive spiritual practice for yourself. 

I work with men, women and teens around the globe

  • who struggle with, anxiety, overwhelm and perfectionism,
  • yet long to create a connection with themselves and Spirit and to feel calm and worthy. 

As a result of our work together, they feel grounded and comfortable in their own skin, and are able to find and use their voices.


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