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Private Coaching


At Soul Shed Wellness we offer comprehensive Coaching programs to reduce anxiety, overwhelm, and feeling stuck through the healing of body, mind, and soul. Our cozy space offers a safe environment for those who wish to work with us privately for deep transformation as well as our monthly Small Group Guided Relaxation and Meditation.

Essential Oils

We strongly believe in the power of essential oils. At Soul Shed Wellness we incorporate them into every one of our programs and sessions. They enhance your practice while creating a peaceful environment to be yourself.

Raindrop Technique

Not only do we offer private Raindrop Healing Sessions but we incorporate these elements into our signature monthly class, Raindrops & Reposes. Try out this powerful healing technique in our class. Before you know it you’ll be signing up for a private, personalized healing!

Soul Shed Wellness was created for anyone who is open to transformation and spirituality.

Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive space that is free of judgement. Soul Shed is here to remind you that you are loved and worthy exactly as you are. We provide the tools for both inner and outer transformation.  

We work with outwardly successful men and women who struggle with

  • anxiety and
  • not feeling good enough
  • and long to feel calm and worthy.

As a result of our work together, they feel grounded and at peace with who they are.



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