Essential Oils


Essential oils are aromatic liquids that are distilled from shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes and seeds. They function as the immune system of plants in that they carry nutrients & oxygen into the cells of the plants, as well as detoxify them. They work the same way in humans, which is why they are so powerful and effective.

Today, we are all looking for safe, chemical-free alternatives to use in and on our bodies and in our homes. Young Living offers a wide variety of such solutions for everyday use. They offer oils and supplements designed to support EVERY system of the body.

From headaches and stress relief to stronger immunity and peak performance, Young Living Essential Oils and supplements can enhance your life with wellness, purpose, and abundance.

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Other information regarding Essential Oils:

Yoga WITH Essential Oils!

All our our classes at Soul Shed Wellness incorporate essential oils. Join us and give them a try!